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Replacement Carbide Blade Tip For Biax #30 Scraper. This carbide tip is designed to replace the brazed carbide tip of #30 series Biax scrapers. If you have sharpened the existing tip down to nothing or if your tip is chipped or cracked, this replacement carbide is what you need. It should be obvious, but you must be able to braze in order to replace the tip, and you will have to have a means of sharpening it as that must be done after brazing. Tip measures 1/16"x3/8"x30mm

30mm Replacement Carbide for Dapra Scrapers

  • In an effort to make replacing your carbide as affordable as possible, we offer a free shipping option for carbide tips.  Due to their small size we are able to provide domestic shipping at no charge in the form of a first class letter, however this option will not include tracking.  If three or more are ordered, it will be shipped in a first class package which will include tracking service.

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